Hand sweat distrubs artists

A while ago an article was post in one of the largest art magazines that there was a large percent of artist that admitted that hand sweat was a big problem when they were trying to create art. Excessive sweating is more common than people think at it has getting a lot more attention in the media lately. People with sweaty hands is as wet palm after a hand wash which often causes a severe usable hand. The muddy hand destroys paper in the school for students, shorting electrical circuits of the electrician or cause grip problems in the craftsman. A wet hand or foot in winter can cause thermal problems in the worst case lead to frostbite. Most worrying for the patient with sweat problems is contact with other people. To health, to keep hands, dancing etc. too many virtually impossible. Most hampered in their daily lives with other people and sometimes leads to isolation and alienation.

Iontophoresis is a medically proven method for removal of excessive sweating of palms, feet and armpits. It is based on the effect of very weak electric current of a suitable frequency and the particles in the water at the areas of the body affected by excessive sweating. I know alot of my art colleagues that have used this method and it is working really well! I really recommend this if you have this problem



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